About Us

Within our product range, we offer disposable packaging made from both paper and aluminum, ensuring versatility and sustainability. Our paramount focus is on customer satisfaction, achieved through the provision of a diverse array of durable, leak-proof products that adhere to strict food safety standards.

The packaging industry is a constantly evolving realm, demanding constant innovation. As a significant participant in this expanding sector, we strive to establish new benchmarks by emphasizing sustainable packaging alongside our clients' profitability.

To cater to the distinct needs of our discerning clientele, we offer a broad spectrum of sizes and designs within our product range.

We have a robust experience of exporting our offerings to various nations, including the U.K, USA, Middle East and African countries among others. Our products are meticulously designed, developed, and manufactured to align with the specific usage and preferences of each country. The recurring business we enjoy from our satisfied customers speaks volumes about our unwavering dedication to quality and consistency.

Our commitment remains steadfast in contributing significantly to the growth of the industry and the market. We assure all our partners of access to the finest products and services at all times, reaffirming our pivotal role in the industry's ongoing development.


Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by continuously enhancing products, processes, and technology to deliver safe, high-quality packaging solutions at an optimal cost.


Our vision is to lead as a prominent packaging partner and global exporter of eco-friendly food service disposable products, promoting sustainability and consumer well-being. We strive to revolutionize the industry by offering tailored, innovative, and environmentally efficient packaging solutions, contributing to a sustainable world through responsible production and consumption.

Why Truepack is your True packaging partner

Commitment towards quality & consistency

Prompt delivery

Exporting to more than 15+ countries

Agile supply chain

Frequent quality check

Biodegradable & environment friendly products